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Media and News
Judy teaches people of all ages
how to remember in a way they never forget!
Paula Sands Live! - WKQC-NBC
The Sunday Papers with Rick Kogan - WGN
Wally Phillips Show, WGN
Steve Cochran Show, WGN
Michael Conniff's "The Con-Game" -
Transitions Bookplace - Chicago, IL
Christal Palace - Moline, IL
Book Stall at Chestnut Court -
Winnetka, IL
Explore Booksellers - Aspen, Colorado

  "Judy Marcus is a delight, a lively personality with some important lessons for us all." - Rick Kogan, WGN Radio, THE SUNDAY PAPERS

"I loved having you on the air with us
as a guest speaker. Come visit anytime!"
- Anne Maxfield, The Steve Cochran Show, WGN Radio, Chicago, IL                                           

IN THE NEWS...Articles By or About Judy:

Chicago Tribune - listed as a "book that can help inspire and guide"
Chicago Sunday Tribune - The Q Section - Julie Deardorff
 "How Fit is your Brain?
CRAIN'S CHICAGO BUSINESS' Crain's Picks  Sharpen Your Memory
Earl Pomerantz:  Just Thinking
Spirtual Eldering Institiute - "For Peace of Mind, Take Control of Your Memory"
Diversions Section, Pioneer Press - SRO not-to-be-missed
Chuck Wenk, Pioneer Press - "Thanks for the Memories"
El Paso Southwest Senior - "Training Your Memory"
Sun City Herald - "Learn to Improve Memory"
Health & Family Section, Pioneer Press - "Memory Loss, the Great Eraser. Fighting to save the memories that make us who we are."
"Memory Lady's Recommendations"
         Suburban Chicago News Daily Courier - "Remember This - Minding Your Memory"
"Freeing Your Mental Energy"
"Coping with Alzheimer's - Internet resource"
Compositions e-zine, Leslie Levine - "Give Your Memory a Boost"
Nexus, Colorado's Holistic Journal - "Flex Your Mental Muscles"
 Life By Design e-zine, Sandi Berger  Don't Forget:  Your Brain Needs both Mental and Physical Exercise!
(a Reminder for people with an Over-Busy Schedule)"
Northwest Herald Learn Effective Ways to Keep Track of Things
             Wes Wenk  Six00ThreeFive Speaking Professionally"       

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Judy's BLOG:




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