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WHERE ARE MY KEYS?® Memory Training You'll Absolutely LOVE™

Judy Marcus, Memory Lady, makes remembering unforgettable!

Her topic is hot and her solutions are outrageous yet practical and her presentations are dynamic, fun, and interactive.

Author of WHERE ARE MY KEYS?®, and creator of the LOVE Memory Method®, Judy motivates, inspires and empowers people of all ages to say good-bye to feeling frazzled and forgetful and to say hello to a great memory.
Audiences love Judy's contagious enthusiasm and energy, and her powerful lessons for both business and everyday life.   Book Judy today.  Don’t forget!

"Highest turn-out for any of our seminars and presentations. . . I watched the way the 285 people in the audience participated. It was 90 minutes of learning with a touch of humor throughout the program. . . you had a large audience in your control with such ease. . ."

-Doug C. Johnson, Elgin Township Supervisor

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Say goodbye to being a "scatter-brain..." and say hello to a great memory!
You'll laugh as you learn how to:

  • Use brain friendly lifestyle strategies
  • Increase your mental energy
  • Rember everything you choose to remember, instantly, upon demand!
    (like names, phone number, and even where you left your cell phone...)


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