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Memory (Mis)Adventure Story:
Oh no, I did it again!

Leftovers wrapped up especially for me, put in the refrigerator for safekeeping until I went home, and I drove away without them. . .

PROBLEM: I wiped my plate clean, enjoying every delicious morsel of dinner at my cousin Joanne's house. And then, out came the dessert. My stomach was so full that I could barely get down a tiny sliver of the best chocolate silk pie this side of heaven's gate. Taking pity on me, Joanne packed up a goodie bag filled with three slices of that favorite dish of mine - and put it in the refrigerator to keep it cold while we played five rounds of cut-throat Scrabble.

By the time I headed for home, my mind was totally off the pie and onto getting enough sleep for tomorrow's important sales meeting. Needless to say, I left - but the pie stayed behind.

This isn't the first time I've gone home without my leftovers. Any suggestions?

Sarah - Pie-less in Glencoe.

Dear Sarah:

Pro-Active Solution: Simply put your car keys in the refrigerator with the package you want to take home. You won't get very far without them.

Judy Marcus, Memory Lady

You'll laugh - you'll learn -and you'll build a great memory!

Use it or lose it!

Potential Problem: Speed dialing on the telephone may be quick - but in the long run, it can get you into trouble. Lack of use can cause the numbers to fade into distant memory. Then you have to consciously work at recall . . . and should you be in an emergency situation when you're away from home . . . or should your trusty cell phone battery run down . . .

Pro-active Solution:
At least once a week, actually dial the important phone numbers in your life. And say the numbers out loud. This keeps them sharp in your mind so they stay in your recent memory and will come to you upon demand, without effort.

BORED? It's your brain saying, "FEED ME!"

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