Living a Brain-Friendly Lifestyle has just gotten easier!

Are you looking for a way to give your body, including your brain, the nourishment it needs to have a great memory?


WHAT I CHOOSE FOR MYSELF, IT’S PROBABLY YOUR GOAL TOO, IS TO LIVE AS STRONG AS POSSIBLE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.  This calls for mindful choices.  Here’s a small peek into my overflowing treasure chest of tools that keep body, mind and spirit flourishing!!!

AS MEMORY LADY, I’ve always advocated a two-pronged approach.  A good memory requires “how to remember” techniques (like the LOVE Memory Method) – and it also needs the tools to live a brain-friendly lifestyle so your brain can perform to its max.  

While each of the brain-friendly lifestyle strategies is important.  I believe good nutrition heads the list.

I’m very excited and grateful that I have found a way to eat that helps me look better, feel better, move better, think clearer, and ease my path to live as strong as possible for as long as possible.  And it enhances my memory work! 

I INVITE YOU TO EXPLORE where your curiosity leads.  And please do contact me so I can help you reach your goals!