What the Workshop Attendees, Meeting Planners, and LOVE Your Brain Memory Party-Goers and Givers are saying about Judy, her LOVE Memory Method, her workshops and her book!

Audiences Agree! Judy Marcus makes
remembering unforgettable!

When Judy speaks, no matter how old or how young the audience,
people laugh as they learn the double-power brain strategies:

1 – How to make the LOVE Memory Method
a part of their business and everyday life.

2 – And how to LIVE a brain-friendly lifestyle
that frees up their mental energy and
lets their brain perform to its max! 

…a partial list

Judy’s LOVE methods truly work for me.
I LOVE having her for my mom in lots of ways . . . including using the fun, practical memory tools she taught to create my own strong memory aids.
-Thanks, Mother, I can do it myself!

-Felicia Marcus Aldrich, Wild Rose Wellness Center, Aspen  CO.

Judy is a dynamic and fun presenter who is able to engage her adult audience
in active participation. Her LOVE method for enhancing memory
works for me and I will continue to use it.

-Jill Murray, San Diego, CA., Rancho LaPuerta guest.

Did you ever ask yourself “Where are my keys?” I do that all the time.
I also have this nasty habit of checking for my keys,
after I’ve closed the door.
A friend named Judy Marcus can help with this problem. She’s helped me.
Now I check for my keys
before I close the door. It’s a lot better idea.
If you have memory issues, if you have memory issues, did I say that already?
Anyway, if you do, you can get help by contacting Judy Marcus at judy@memorylady.com. You can also check out her website at http://www.memorylady.com/.
I’ve been meaning to mention Judy for some time, but I, you know,
keep forgetting. It’s not Judy’s fault. We only worked on keys.

– Earl Pomerantz, Situation Comedy Writer: Cosby Show,
Mary Tyler Moore Show, Taxi

Judy’s presentation was fun, energetic,and definitely gave us tips
on how to remember names when meeting new faces.
I took her suggestions back to my co-workers.
Now remembering names is a game with all of us, and it is working.
Thank You Judy!

Illinois Bankers Association
Conference Attendee Linda M. Jansen, Crossroads Bank


I enjoyed Judy’s workshop  it stretched and exercised my mind
and gave me wonderful and practical techniques.

Franklin Templeton Investments
Spouse Program Attendee Leslie Q. Wilson


Judy is a warm and gifted teacher with a rich imagination …
who shows us how to creatively remember -and retrieve —
the details that keep us present, awake and alert in our lives.

-Carol Stone, Ph.D, Awareness Based Psychotherapist Attendee,
Alzheimer’s Association WHERE ARE MY KEYS? Seminar


Judy Marcus taught me how to use her simple and creative aids in order
to consciously remember a client’s goals.
Get ready to step into her easy ways to never forget. It’s fun too!

-Nilda Carlo, Feng Shui Consultant

Used to be: “I’d go to another area of the house to get something that
I needed for the task at hand. Upon arriving, I had already forgotten
what I came for. I’d have to go back to see what I was doing
so that I’d know again what I needed.”

Since Judy’s class: “I use the LOVE method and am able to quickly
find the needed object or ingredient

-Sarah Blumen, Workshop Participant, Perlstein Resort & Conference Center

Your methods are superb and of great value for business
as well as personal purposes.

-Mayer Stiebel, President, Samax Industries, Inc.

Effervescent Judy passionately and dramatically shared her LOVE memory tool,
and techniques for creating a stress-free functional memory environment —
all applicable to completing daily tasks, to remembering names,
and to mastering new learning experiences

-Judy Falk, Past President, Highland Park Hadassah

“Thank you, Memory Lady, for sharing your secret to remember names.
It helps!”

Chris Benevich – Writing & New Media Communications Consultant,
“Building Your Business Relationships With Words”

Your seminar on remembering with LOVE was wonderful!
I now use your system daily and have found it truly easy to remember.
I would highly recommend your seminar to others.
Remember, I am the one who said I have �always� had a bad memory.

– Caren Luke, The HallTree Manager, Muscatine, IA


As a pro-active measure to keep my good memory strong for the rest of my life,
I attended Judy’s program. Her tips and memory games are awesome.
I now incorporate those tools into many aspects of my day, and I remember more details on a variety of levels. I’m also having fun in the process!

– Evey Horwich, Trade Show and Exposition Manager


I was never good with names  before. Now, after playing along with the LOVE Memory Method, I’m great with names.
– Al Rose, Aspen, Colorado


Meeting Planners
…a partial list

 ”Highest turn-out for any of our seminars and presentations…
I watched the way the 285 people in the audience participated.
It was 90 minutes of learning with a touch of humor
throughout the program…you had a large audience
in your control with such ease…”
– Doug C. Johnson, Elgin Township Supervisor

…A popular and much needed presentation…
Thank you for your energetic and uplifting seminar…

-Fran Hankin, Director, Program Services, Alzheimer’s Association

Thanks for a great presentation at our support group leaders conference.
It was just the right recipe of helpful hints, interactive exercises and fun…

-Susan Reese, MA, RN, LCSW, Director American Parkinson Disease
Association Information & Referral Center

Judy’s Memory Workshop was interesting and entertaining . . . !
-Erin Molloy, Chicago Living Pavilion Coordinator,


We had the good fortune to have Judy Marcus
speak with us and share her memory techniques and lessons.
I can tell you she has been a joy to work with. Very easy.
And our audience, which is primarily membership directors
from all over the private club world, truly enjoyed what she had to tell us.
If you get a chance to listen to her, you need to do it!

Rick Coyne, Executive Director,
Professional Club Marketing Association

Judy, thank you so much for making our Empower Hour such a success.
You are such a joy to work with.  Your preparation, professionalism and planning
helped to pull the entire event together beautifully.  Memory is a topic that
drew new people to our event and undoubtedly will bring them back again.
Your interactive presentation was fun and packed with useful tips for strengthening our memory muscles.  I’ve been using your strategies daily and loving the results!

Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP, Director of Financial Planning, Marketing and Strategy – Metropolitan Capital Bank, Chicago

. . . participants experienced their power to actually use the tools
Judy Marcus gave them to retain and recall at will.

– Judi Geake, Director, The Women’s Exchange, Winnetka, Illinois

Judy’s materials are always fresh, insightful, and inspiring.
People love her and her memory workshops. She’s an awesome delight!

– Teri Hartman, Program Coordinator, Parker Adult School

Judy Marcus’ workshop based on her book WHERE ARE MY KEYS?�
was well received by all who participated. Judy has some wonderful concepts
that all of us can use to recover our innate memory skills and to keep them from dissipating. She presents the workshop with humor and enthusiasm and
I recommend her to all people everywhere. These are skills that we all can develop to keep our memories at the levels that they presently are, and improve them as well!

“And, most importantly, THEY WORK!!!”
– Rev. Dean G. Van Wie, Minister, Unity Church, Moline, IL

Upbeat… enjoyable… The easy-to-understand LOVE method
Ms. Marcus teaches, along with the concepts of overstatement and visualization,
made the training fun and valuable. It is my pleasure to recommend this training
to any individual or group of any age seeking to improve,
retain or regain memory function.

-Joyce H. Davidoff, Project Coordinator, Ageless Health Initiative, Rio Grande Area Agency on Aging, El Paso, Texas

Praise for Book
…a partial list

WHERE ARE MY KEYS? listed as a book that helps inspire and guide!
– Chicago Tribune

Easy to learn, fun to implement, and it works!
-Ruth Berger, author of They Don’t See What I See

As a writer, my mission is to try to make sense of an increasingly
complex and fast-paced world. Judy Marcus’ LOVE memory training method
is an appealing, simple and often whimsical way to clear away clutter
and keep a sharp mind.

– Brad Herzog, author of Small World and States of Mind

A lively and inviting collection of mnemonic devices,
enhanced by strategies for supporting good brain and memory functioning.
The concepts are easy to grasp and apply in a user-friendly method

– Rana Matteson, PhD, Former Instructor of Memory Development and Disorders, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

The nice part of this self-help book is that it actually worked for me.
It is a well-written, fun read with practical suggestions as to how to improve
one’s memory. Judy’s suggestions as to how to remember names and how to make
use of routines are two of many ideas that I have personally put into use.

-Larry Leonard, C.P.A., Arlington Heights, IL

…a partial list

Judy Marcus is a delight, a lively personality with some important lessons for us all.

I loved having you on the air with us as a guest speaker. Come visit anytime!
– Anne Maxfield, The Steve Cochran Show, WGN Radio, Chicago